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Celebrate Mexican Independence Day

Falling on Saturday, September 16, Mexican Independence Day is one of the most exciting times to be in Playa del Carmen. Locals and tourists alike come out for the big celebration, which honors the day on 1810 that started the revolt against the Spaniards. Following the Cry of Dolores by a Catholic priest, the Mexican War of Independence was launched and eventually Mexico gained its freedom from Spain in 1821.


Fireworks, Fiestas, Flowers & Food

Today, Mexican Independence Day is the biggest celebration in the country. In Playa del Carmen, you'll find free music concerts, bursts of confetti, and colorful fireworks displays in the main plaza. Flowers and decorations adorn the city in the colors of the Mexican flag: red, white, and green. You'll hear whistles, horns, and cries of "Viva Mexico!" and "Viva la Independencia!" in the crowds.


Mexican Independence Day at Deck 5 Sky Bar

Join us on Mexican Independence Day for a Mexican-themed party at Deck 5, our rooftop sky lounge and infinity pool. We'll be serving Mexican food and drinks to celebrate the holiday. Raise a glass, make new friends, and enjoy breathtaking views of Playa del Carmen's beautiful beach. Come out and play. Want to know more? Please contact us today.